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Midwest Center for Anxiety The ‘Attacking Anxiety and Depression’ program by Lucinda Bassett and Phillip Fisher M.D. was developed over a 17-year period of working with Midwest Center therapy groups.

The program uses cognitive-behavioural modification.  Essentially it claims to teach how to recognize anxiety-producing thoughts and behaviours that CAUSE distress, and how to change these behaviours.

How The ‘Midwest Center’ Works:

The Lucinda Bassett ‘Attacking Anxiety & Depression’ program claims to teach you to take control and enjoy life again.

The approach is designed to show you how your way of thinking & reacting at the moment is the cause of your stress, anxiety and depression, and shows a pathway to look at your life and react differently.  Teaches specific coping skills and techniques to put an end to attacks and physical symptoms.

15 session course gives access to interactive tools, content and peer support.  Intended to help control symptoms, prevent severe anxiety, stop negative worrisome thoughts, and control emotions.  Claims you will become confident, assertive and independent.

Author info:
Lucinda Bassett has been on Oprah and other TV shows and has been published in many magazines.

Product content:
16 Audio Cassettes or CDs
3 Coaching Videos or DVDs
A 250-Page, 15 Chapter Guidebook
16 Handy Reference Cards
Interactive tools, Community support.

Site does not display price upfront, but offers a free trial. (‘Free’ trial has a postage and packing fee.)

NB: We advise reading the conditions carefully to be sure that you are not automatically charged for anything after the ‘trial period’ is over should you decide that do not want the product.

User Reviews and Consumer Feedback

Actual consumer feedback:

“…The program itself is not a scam. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the best solutions to problems with anxiety… BUT I feel she needs to take an honest look at how some of her employees are treating the people she wants to help.”

- portion of user review on Ripoffreport.com

“This program is very helpful not only for fighting anxiety and depression, but in every day life too…”

- portion of user review on Amazon.com

“…goofy visualization practices… this program does NOT help any more than the bubble antidepressants put you in…”

- portion of user review on Amazon.com

“…totally worked - it was amazing… you should definitely give it a go, as it gave me a new life.”

- portion of user review on healthboards.com

“I used to have horrible panic attacks daily… That was a year ago and I haven’t had one panic attack since then, plus I have learned to manage the stressors in my life..”

- portion of user review from Yahoo! Answers

“Not worth it, in my opinion. For one thing, I found the CD’s to be very depressing. They were just recorded group sessions of people talking about how anxious and depressed they used to be.”

- portion of user review on Yahoo! Answers

Verdict: User reviews are mixed.  However, it is a well known service that has been featured on Oprah, and used by millions.  We recommend you visit the official site if it interests you.


Our alternative suggestion is the ‘Panic Away’ method, an excellent, immediate-relief program that is a fraction of the cost at $67.95, with consistently positive consumer feedback:

Read the factsheet:  Panic Away - Immediate Relief from Panic Attacks.

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